uke til u puke


Chances are you will be able to just click on one of these song titles and, after a brief download, hear music.  However, some windows users may need to install a windows media player or a winamp player.  Otherwise, there are a multitude of mp3 players available for free on the internet, including those from  If you still need help, send us some e-mail at:  I still can't play the damn songs ( 


While My Ukulele Gently Weeps (1:30)  Derevlany/Moritz

The Cereal Song  (1:37)  Derevlany

Get Away From My Boyfriend  (4:04)  Moritz/Morze 

I'm a Passive Aggressive Guy  (1:34)  Derevlany/Moritz

Tiptoe Thru the Tulips  (1:37)  Arranged by Derevlany/Moritz


John Derevlany - vocal, soprano ukulele

Robert Moritz - soprano, baritone, and flying "V" ukuleles

Martin Kihn - bass

Stacy Morze - vocals, drums

David Plakke - saxophone


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