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duo2-full2.jpg (23070 bytes)      These are the photos that turned a couple of guys with goofy instruments into Ukulele Gods.  Four words: "catnip for the laides."  (Click any photo to enlarge, and click the top photo for a super high resolution, poster-style image, suitable for framing).

outtakes2.jpg (64507 bytes)   Never-before-seen outtakes from a classic u.t.u.p photo shoot, featuring  power ukulele heroes John Derevlany and Robert Moritz.

ukesmash2.jpg (13386 bytes)   Trendsetting ukulele geniuses John Derevlany (front center) and Robert Moritz (back center) are joined by cellist Robin Goldwasser (left) and percussionist Gideon Kendall (right).

fivephoto4.jpg (24039 bytes)  The band grows to include saxophonist David Plakke, drummer Stacy Morze, and bassist Martin Kihn.

ukeslam2.jpg (11275 bytes)                      back-80.jpg (14688 bytes)                    

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