uke til u puke



(use responsibly)  - super-site for John Derevlany, u.t.u.p. co-founder.  Contains links and other webstravaganzas related to John Derevlany.   (still under contruction)  - home page of u.t.u.p. co-founder Robert Moritz. - The Life in a Blender Home page.  An inspiration to anyone who ever thought they could make riotous, ear-splitting music with a tiny, four-stringed instrument.  Buy their CDs now! - a series of pages written by Josh Ozersky, a.k.a. "The Boob."  You've heard of the Fifth Beatle?  He was like the 11th Uke Til U Puker.  And he's written several essays to prove it.  Or to prove something.  We're not sure what. - home page for The Ukulele Freedom Front.  The title says it all.  Go there now!  If you or your loved ones still don't believe the mighty ukulele is the single greatest musical contribution to mankind, you obviously haven't visited the UFF.  Also check out the UFF links for UkeTrance, one of the top five ukulele bands of all time!



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