(utup history - part 3 of 7)

 And Then There Were Four

Using McGovern's over the next several months as a home base to test their ever expanding array of original material and custom-built ukuleles -- most notably, a sparkling green creation with red light up flames -- UTUP hones its act for the first Blowhole Theatre (a spiritual precursor to today's Dog & Pony Show).  Headlining are UTUP and The Very Pleasant Neighbor.  It is at this show that Derevlany and Moritz meet ukulele chanteuse Robin Goldwasser and Very Pleasant Neighbor frontman Gideon Kendall.  After elaborate negotiations, Goldwasser joins UTUP. on baritone ukulele and cello.  A month later, Kendall joins the lineup playing a drum kit made from discarded pickle buckets and a circular saw blade.  Rhythm section complete, the band goes into the studio to record the first Uke (Till U Puke) demo.  The cassette features "The Cereal Song", "Tiptoe." "Schnauzer Puppet", and "While My Ukulele Gently Weeps."

Disaster strikes (next chapter)

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